Port Facility Security Officer
At TEAMWORK we sought to build a PORT FACILITY SECURITY OFFICER training course that would not only be approved by Department for Transport (Maritime Security) but would also be involving for the delegates and bring a sense of reality to the training delivery. It is for this reason we carefully select our training staff who must first and foremost satisfy the trainer requirements of Department for Transport (Maritime Security) but in addition also have experience in dealing with maritime and or terrorist situations personally. Consequently at TEAMWORK our trainers are senior retired Royal Navy, Military or Police Officers. In this way our trainers bring a sense of perspective and reality to the three-day course.
That prevention is better than cure is a well-known saying and at TEAMWORK we sought to achieve more sophisticated and innovative methods of equipping delegates in recognition methods that will prevent terrorist infiltration to your port facility.
We strongly believe that alone the PFSO cannot achieve the required levels of security within the port facility and consequently TEAMWORK created Deputy PFSO and Security Awareness Courses. These core-training modules are complimented by support packages that ease the burden on the PFSO and ensure that Department for Transport (Maritime Security) compliance will never become an issue.
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