Deputy Port Facility Security Officer
The role of the port facility security officer if compliance with the ISPS Code is to be adhered to is both time consuming and demanding. Given the majority of PFSO’s are selected from middle to senior management in many cases the role has proven to be an unwelcome addition to the daily workload. At TEAMWORK we recognised this and sought to achieve a solution. It is clear in our opinion the PFSO has to hold a position within the Company that has sufficient authority to undertake out the role.
Consequently the appointment of personnel at management level was entirely appropriate. We also anticipate the ISPS Code will evolve as it becomes embedded in our statute and the role of PFSO will have to be supported by a deputy. The role of deputy is to compliment and support the PFSO there still remains however the possibility of the Deputy having to work without the supervision of the PFSO. The Deputy’s knowledge has to be at the same level of the PFSO and in recognition of this at TEAMWORK we are offering the full PFSO course for Deputies at 10% discount on the normal full course cost.
As with all of our courses they can if required be tailor made to your own company requirements and delivered either ‘in house’ or at TEAMWORK training facilities at Westgate Chambers.
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