I.S.P.S Code - Drills & Exercises

My question to you is, “are you actually conducting the drills and exercises as prescribed under the International Ship and Port (Facility) Security Code?”

I would guess that your answer would depend on a number of factors. But in reality, it is one of these things that you just keep putting off, with all the best intentions.

My suspicion is that Department for Transport (Maritime Security) are now taking a different point-of-view. They have obviously felt the need to publish guidance notes to remind you of your obligation to comply with the ISPS Code and highlight the frequency of drills and exercises required. Drills are to be conducted every three months and exercises every twelve months; with not more than eighteen months between exercises.

You must be able to produce for DfT Inspectors an audit trail of all your drills and exercises. This documentation should clearly demonstrate the type of drill / exercise, scenario, date, time & place conducted, those persons partaking and the results. You must also include details of the debriefing, lessons learned and remedial action, if required.

It is within Department for Transport (Maritime Security)'s authority, through this legislation, to issue an ‘Enforcement Notice'. Please don't let this happen.

We would be pleased to organise a programme of training that ensures your Port Facility Security Plan is fully compliant with drills and exercises being conducted at the appropriate intervals. We will plan conduct and facilitate the debrief of your drills and exercises at times to suit your operational requirements and even provide a ledger to hold your debrief reports. You simply have to make the staff you want trained available.


For more information and prices please contact chris@teamwork-security.co.uk